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Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injury, aside from car accidents, across the Ontario region. It can occur at any moment in many places such as on icy sidewalks, improper handrails, wet floors without warning signs and other instances. If you have justifiable reasons to show that a slip & fall injury was caused due to someone else negligence, you may have the right to pursue a slip and fall lawsuit.


Some common injuries that are caused due to slip and fall accidents include:

  1. Traumatic brain injuries and concussions
  2. Broken bones
  3. Cuts and bruises
  4. Back and spinal injuries
  5. Lacerations, cuts, abrasions, and piercing injuries


According to the Occupiers’ Liability Act of Ontario, Toronto property owners must keep their properties safe and prevent slip-and-fall accidents.
The Occupiers’ Liability Act applies to various types of individuals, such as:

  1. Landlords
  2. Store Owners
  3. Private Homeowners
  4. Property Managers

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