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Community Engagement

Sponsoring Best Buddies Thrill of Ascot Fundraising Event

Best Buddies is an amazing organization that aims to support children with intellectual disadvantages and disabilities throughout the school system. Volunteers join forces with Best Buddies and are paired with a disabled student for the school year. Every week they communicate through various means, meet up twice a month for one-on-one’s, as well as work on school projects and group activities throughout the school year. Best Buddies was started in the USA and has expanded to over 50 countries and raises over half a million dollars from each fundraising event.

This year, Lofranco Corriero sponsored the Thrill of Ascot events at the Woodbine Race Tracks once again. The fancy fedora and fascinators event works to raise funds for the Best Buddies organization; through charity luncheon tables, booths and competitions. Live music, celebrity emcees and guest jockeys make for an enjoyable luncheon celebration. The event this year raised over $500,000.

Working with charities and supporting fundraising efforts in the community is a huge aspect of Lofranco Corriero culture. Many of our clients have been injured and disabled, whether it be physically or mentally, and showing support to the rest of the community is very important.