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Common Causes of Car & Motorcycle Accidents in Canada

Although the population of Canada is quickly growing the number of fatalities and serious injuries as a result of car and motorcycle accidents, according to Statistics Canada, has been slowly decreasing.

Several serious proactive measures within the Traffic Act such as

  • increased fines for speeding
  • no tolerance for impaired distracted driving
  • License suspension for stunt driving are bringing results, however, at a much slower pace than we all would have wanted.

  • A fatal collision or a collision resulting in serious injuries is a life-altering experience for those who were involved and their close ones. The impact on lives is just too big to ignore. In most cases it could have been preventable.

    Drunk and Impaired Driving

    According to MADD, vehicle accidents caused by drivers using alcohol and/or drugs are a leading criminal cause of death in Canada. Every day close to 4 people in this country die or get seriously injured as a result of drunk or impaired driving caused by drugs. These are indeed alarming numbers for a preventable violation.

    With so many alternatives available - such as getting a designated driver, carpooling, using public transportation, or using a taxi or uber, this is simply a matter of negligence that will be treated seriously in court. In cases like this, as personal injury lawyers, we carefully examine the circumstances to get the compensation that our clients truly deserve.

    Distracted Driving

    80% of vehicle collisions and 65% of near-crashes are direct results of distracted driving. Over the year, it adds up to close to 4 million incidents across North America. Although distracted driving is a broader category including any distraction that results in a driver's failure to pay attention, interaction with electronics takes up a bigger percentage in statistics.

    Talking on the phone handheld or over the speaker, checking messages, or worse, texting, no matter how brief, does affect the drivers' ability to focus attention on the road. The drivers' attention is compromised and they fail to react quickly to changes traffic situation, change lanes, or merge safely.

    One of the most common types of accidents caused by distracted driving is rear-ending and sideswipes, resulting in varying levels of damage to the cars and injuries to the passengers.

    Speeding, Aggressive and Stunt Driving

    The posted speed limits are based on road conditions and accident statistics in the particular stretch of road and road in general. The limits of 40, 60, 80 and 100 are based on the fact that a driver can safely decelerate at a rate of about 15 feet per second (fps).

    The special posted speed limits in school zones and residential areas are also calculated so that in case of an accident involving a car and a pedestrian, the pedestrian will sustain fewer injuries. Failure to follow the speed limits results in serious injuries and fatalities. Speeding is responsible for one-third of fatalities on the road.

    Speed of 50 km per hour over the limit is considered stunt driving and can result in vehicle impounding and driver's license suspension for up to 10 years. Many car and motorcycle drivers forget that driving is not only a privilege, but a responsibility towards other drivers, passengers and pedestrians, and a mere inattention, or not following the traffic rules can easily result in an accident affecting the lives of others forever.

    Although it is not always possible to place a direct monetary value on the consequences of car and motorcycle accidents, personal injury lawyers with years of experience will make sure that all aspects of health and wellbeing are considered and victims get adequate compensation.