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Personal Injury Law Firm Lofranco Corriero Secures $340,000 Victory Judgement at Trial After State Farm Insurance Refuses to Compensate Self-Employed Tow-Truck Driver Involved in Roadside Accident for Damages

Nicole Corriero, a personal injury lawyer from Toronto-based law firm Lofranco Corriero obtained a $340,000 judgement for a tow-truck driver involved in a collision. A car drove directly into the plaintiff’s back as he was attempting to hook up a disabled vehicle for towing roadside. To the present day, this accident significantly affects his professional and personal life, as he suffers from chronic lower back pain, daily headaches and an adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood.

The $340,000 Judgement consists of $90,000 for non-pecuniary general damages, which is compensation for his pain and suffering, $45,000 for past loss of income, $205,000 for loss of competitive advantage. The settlement helped the plaintiff pay for his medical bills and insurance, rehabilitation and related out-of-pocket expenses, and acts as compensation for his physical and emotional suffering as well as his past and future loss of income.

“Because of his injuries, [the plaintiff] lost 6 months worth of income and is unable to complete managerial, let alone physical work for his own family business,” said Corriero. “[The plaintiff] and his family deserve every possible penny from this settlement.”

The plaintiff’s insurer State Farm Insurance initially suggested that someone who has returned to work with difficulty does not meet the threshold and/or will not attract damages in excess of the deductible, or be entitled to an income loss award. However, Corriero clearly proved that this is not the case.

Corriero was able to prove at trial that the plaintiff is at a significant competitive disadvantage and economic loss because of the accident. Firstly, the plaintiff can no longer perform everyday operational activities at his company without feeling pain, such as bending over and standing back up, sitting in a car for a prolonged period of time, picking up heavy weights like the large chains used for towing, and contorting his body in positions necessary for certain towing jobs. Secondly, when attempting to fulfill managerial roles, he is very easily fatigued, distracted, irritable and unfocused, which is very unlike his pre-accident self. There was compelling evidence that he used to have strong work ethic and commitment to his company.

“Don’t accept a low settlement from your insurance company. The value of your pain and suffering can be substantial,” says Correiro. “Know your rights and I will fight to get the compensation you deserve.”

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