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Mistakes to Avoid when Applying for Short and Long-Term Disability

Disability insurance - for long or short-term - protects employees from loss of income in the case of an illness, injury or accident. This ensures that the employee will receive a percentage of their income while they can’t work due to one of the reasons previously mentioned.

The loss of your income may cause an economic instability to you and your family and in theory, disability policies were made to prevent this, but in practice, there are many common mistakes that can cause your application to be rejected. To prevent this from happening, we recommend you to follow these tips on how to avoid common mistakes when applying for short and long-term disability.

  • Do your research! Don’t rush into filling applications without reading or understanding what you are signing up for. Educate yourself and get the right advice about the types of benefits you need and what is the criteria to apply for those benefits. A Personal Injury Lawyer at Lofranco Corriero will help you get through this process and get you the benefits you need.

  • Keep a track on your claim: The more frequently you request to check the status of your claim, the faster your case will go. Mistakes are very common, important papers can get at Social Security offices, or some of them can get rejected but the officers fail in letting you know.

  • Be consistent in your application: If you’re claiming disability insurance for short or long-term that means you can’t work because of an accident, illness or a mental or physical impediment. When applying for unemployment benefits, you’re claiming that you are available and looking for a job. If you have suffered from and illness or accident, and you applied for both unemployment benefits and disability insurance, there’s a chance that your claim for disability might get declined.

  • Take the right treatment: The Social Security Administration (SSA) keeps track on whether you are seeking the right treatment for your illness or not, and if you’re following your doctor’s indications. If you’re not getting the right treatment or following your prescription treatment, this might infer to them that the illness or impediment you’re claiming is not as limiting or severe as you say it is, therefore, your claim might get declined.

  • Do not exaggerate your symptoms: Don’t fall into the temptation of exaggerating your symptoms. Insurance companies have their eyes wide open and can identify exaggerations immediately. This will cause a rejection of your claim. Keep medical evidence of what you’re claiming is valid and real, this makes the process of validation faster and efficient.

  • Include your complete employment history: The acceptance of your application will not only be taken by your medical record, but insurance companies also evaluate if you will be able to return to your job or previous jobs.

  • Don’t go alone! Take a professional with you:The process of claiming for a long or short-term disability can be difficult, and the income of you and your family can be in danger. Allow a Lofranco Personal Injury Lawyer in Brampton to help you through this process. Guarantee the financial stability of your family and the approval of your disability insurance.


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