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Slip and Falls - Consequences, Prevention and What to Do

Whether it happens at the local Wal-Mart or a neighbour’s house, slip and fall accidents occur fairly often. This is especially true for this season, as it gets darker and snowier, in the coming months. In some cases, the property owner is responsible for the injured party's injuries, and in others, the property owner will not be held liable.

There are many contributing factors to slip and falls:

  • wet or oily surfaces
  • occasional spills
  • weather hazards
  • loose, unanchored rugs or mats
  • flooring or other walking surfaces that do not have same degree of traction in all areas

What are the consequences for slip and falls?

A slip and fall injury call not only cause physical injuries such as broken bones, but may also cause mental stress such as unrealistic medical bills and missed time at work

What are the steps to prevent slips and falls?

Here are some tips on how to evaluate your home for potential risk of slip and falls. It is important to keep yourself, and your visitors, away from any trouble:

  • Remove area rugs, to eliminate the danger of tripping over the corner
  • Install reliable handles in the bathroom
  • Make sure the stairs in the house are nonslip
  • Remove furniture with details that stick out, or easy to trip over
  • Make sure the indoor shoes are comfortable and offer support
  • If your loved ones are home by themselves for a long time, make sure they have access to a medical alert system

While inside the house you are in control and can make some changes, outdoors are more difficult. Walk around and check it for safety:

  • Is the walkway surface even?
  • Are there any plants overgrowing
  • If it is a building, are there ramps for entry?
  • Are the entrance and steps well-lit in the evening
  • How well is the area cleaned from snow and ice in winter
  • Are there any neighbours that fail to shovel the paths?

Of course, if it is your house or your loved ones it is easier to make the changes that will help to prevent accidents: add a ramp, hire a reliable snow removal contractor, add railings, change paving

If we are speaking of condominiums, or rental buildings, public and private areas in the street, and you see that something is unsafe and can be improved, speak to the building management, city, neighbours. Prevention goes a long way.

What are the steps to prevent slips and falls?

If you or someone you love has been injured in a slip and fall incident, it is important that you learn your rights as you may be entitled to a compensation for your pain and suffering, your past and future loss of income and even future medical treatment.

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