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Personal Injury Lawyer in Brampton

Personal injury lawyers are lawyers who are dedicated to defending innocent victims of accidents and claiming their compensation for injuries. For the lawyers of Lofranco Corriero, this has become a family tradition that began in 1980 and they have dedicated their careers to personal injury litigation, using all their resources to help victims claim their benefits so they can return to the life they had before the accident. Every day we defend and answer questions of the innocent victims of accidents in the Brampton area.

Nobody is exempt from suffering a sudden accident that changes their life unexpectedly, every day we are exposed to having a car accident that causes us slight injuries to the muscles and limbs, or even severe injuries such as fractures and cerebral contusions that take painful months of recovery.

The danger is not only within motor vehicles, sometimes the owners of government or private buildings do not fulfill their duty to have safe conditions, the floors and sidewalks are in poor condition, there are obstacles obstructing the passage or even spilled liquids on the ground, even if you are not to blame for the bad conditions of the ground where you are walking, these bad conditions can cause you to slip and fall, which can result in minor injuries or serious injuries such as broken bones, injuries in the spine and cerebral contusions that will take months of painful recovery.

Sports injuries are common among amateurs or some distraction, but these injuries can also be caused by unsafe conditions where the owners of the exercise spaces do not respect the sport liability law and their conditions are unsafe for the practice of sports.

The personal injury lawyers know how difficult the recovery and injury claims process is, so we defend the innocent victims of these accidents in Brampton and litigate the injury compensation claim in court; so that you and your family can recover your life they had before the accident.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to giving our clients the best defense, our team of experts will analyze their situation, and make sure to claim all the benefits of health services and financial compensation for their recovery. We will also ensure that compensation covers all economic losses and protects you from future economic losses.

For any questions or scheduling a free consultation and without obligation call us at 1-866-LOFRANCO, we will answer your questions about personal injuries and in your first free consultation we will help you understand all the circumstances surrounding your accident, the nature of your injuries and the impact it has on your personal and professional life. If your injuries do not allow you to travel to our offices in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton or Scarborough, one of our representatives can meet you at the time and place that suits you better.