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Personal Injury Lawyer in Toronto

Lofranco Corriero is a law firm specialized in Personal Injuries in the Toronto area since 1980. The vision of Rocky Lofranco - founder of our firm - remains among the team of talented personal injury lawyers, a personal injury is not just about being involved in an accident; it is about the injured individuals’ ability to reclaim their life after the accident.

About Laws & Lawyers

Our lawyers have devoted their legal careers to advocate for the rights of the innocent accident victims who suffered personal injuries, claiming their rights and benefits. A personal injury is a legal term for a physical, mental or emotional injury to the body, as opposed to injury to the property. These injuries can be a result of: motor vehicle accidents, bad practices from owners and tenants, businesses, government agencies that don’t keep their premises safe for the public, an accident performing a sport. The sudden force to which the body is subjected to while being inside a motor vehicle during an impact can cause minor injuries or even serious injuries that could change your life forever.

For example, and depending on the strength of the impact, a car accident injury can be a mild muscle injury, a spinal cord injury or even a brain & trauma injury. If you are walking through someone else's property and there is an unsafe condition on the sidewalk, you could suffer a slip & fall injury, these kinds of injuries can be as severe as a spinal cord injury or even a brain trauma, causing you months of pain, and in the most severe cases, coma or death. You can also suffer from sports injuries having an accident while practicing a sport, but you can also suffer an injury if the conditions are not adequate, the spaces where you practice sports must respect the sport liability law and have safe conditions.

Why Choose Us?

Our Personal Injury Lawyers know the consequences that these injuries can cause to your life for the short or long term, changing your life and negatively impacting your family. Therefore, we dedicate all of our resources and effort to represent you in the best way, claiming your rights and compensations that you need to recover your health and the financial stability of your family. We are proud to say that we are one of the few law firms in the country that have changed personal injury litigation in Canada, we have a record track of success stories that we have built through our 35 years litigating for innocent accident victims.

If you have recently suffered an accident in the Toronto area and have any questions about the injury claim process, do not hesitate to call us at 1-866-LOFRANCO we will answer your questions and you can schedule a free and non-mandatory consultation to guide you and give you a clearer explanation about the nature of your accident and everything that involves. If you cannot visit one of our offices located in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton or Scarborough, one of our representatives can meet you at the place and time of your convenience.